Hog Roast Hire Yorkshire


Hog Roast Yorkshire is everything you could wish for and more from a modern catering company. Our company is underlined by a wealth of experience, a personal touch that you won’t find elsewhere, highly competitive prices, and taste bud tantalising food that that will have your guests singing your praises.

If you haven’t had spit roasted meats before you’re in for a real treat, cooking whole meats on a spit is universally one of the most popular cooking methods that there has been for thousands of years. People on every corner of the planet have long known that cooking a whole animal over an open fire, turning it throughout the cooking process so that it self-bastes and is extra juicy, tender and flavourful when it’s finished, is the best way – and thanks to us, thousands of people in the local area know it to be true, too!

We use top of the range spit roast machines to provide the very best hog roasts in Leeds and surrounding areas. Our catering is ideal for corporate functions, weddings and parties. We also offer hog roast hire Yorkshire packages if you’d like to hire a machine and have a go at creating your own delectable pigs.

Hog Roast Catering Yorkshire
Lip-smackingly good whole roasted meats cooked for events or any occasion!
Hog Roast Machine Yorkshire
Machine Hire
Hire a machine today and make your own mouth-watering spit roasted meats.

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